Ed Labelle


Inducted 1991

Ed Labelle has been one of Winnipeg’s finest competitors in the Sport of Tenpin Bowling. He was still active and had some special accomplishments in his Senior years until his passing in 1994.

Ed has bowled a High Three Game Series of 700 and 701. Some of his other accomplishments were:

1970 – Winnipeg City Singles Champion;

1971 – Canadian World Cup Champion leading to a seventh place finish in the World Cup Finals in Hong Kong;

1972 – Manitoba World Cup Finalist;

1974 – Manitoba World Cup Finalist;

1980 – Hall Ross Doubles Winner, Ed Labelle and Dan Hunter;

1988 – Manitoba Senior Champion leading to America Bowling Congress Finals Tournament in Jacksonville, Florida;

1989 – Bowled a perfect 300 game at Sunset Lanes, Moorehead, Minnesota in their Annual Tournament. Ed is proof that our sport reaches all ages of competition.

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