Eleanor Young


Eleanor Young has been a bowler for 48 years, joining her first of many leagues in 1966 and she still continues to compete in one league, as well as tournaments.


Eleanor bowled in and/or served on the executive boards of the following leagues:

Birchwood Bowl Charleswood Mixed League
(1966 – mid-70’s: fire )

While bowling at Birchwood Bowl in a league she would faithfully take a bus from Niakwa Road to Birchwood Bowl lugging her one ball.

Empress Lanes Charleswood League
(mid-1970’s – early 1980’s)

LaVerendyre III League
(1983 – 85)

Chateau Gai Mixed League
(1984 – mid-1990’s)

Chateau Mixed Fours League
(mid-1990’s – 2006: folded)

Chateau Nairn Ten Pin League (1966-Present)
League Secretary and treasurer for several years; was
re-elected as treasurer 2 years ago in 2012 and still holds the position.
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Eleanor still bowls once a week at Chateau Lanes. For her hard work and dedication to the sport of bowling, she was honoured with a lifetime free bowling in one of her leagues.


1982-97 Manitoba Provincial Women’s Bowling Association

1984-97 – Secretary
– Delegate to WIBC Conventions
– All fundraising events.
– MPWBA Rep Calendar of Events Committee.
– Assisted in hosting of tournaments.
– Recording of meeting minutes.
– Team Manager for USBC Seniors Championship in Wichita, Kansas.
– Tournament Director for the Annual, Karol Routliffe & Cameo Classic.

1987-2005 Manitoba Bowling Council
– President (1987-2005)
– Compile annual calendar of events for Tournaments.
– Collection of affiliation fees from Associations & Bowling Centre members.

2005-Present Manitoba Bowling Association
– Director
– MBA Rep Calendar of Events Committee.
– Worked all the MBA fund raisers.
– Tournament Chairperson: sanctioning; preparation & distribution of entry forms; – Assistant Tournament Director for the MBA Seniors and Annual tournament, – Scorekeeper for adult and youth tournaments.
– Tournament Director of the 600 Club event.
– Director of the Cameo Classic Tournament.
– All fundraising events
– Upcoming 2015 Canadian Youth Nationals in Winnipeg. Canad Inns liaison & Accommodation / Banquet Co-ordinator.

2011-Present Winnipeg Tenpin Bowling Association – Director
– Auditing committee.
– Assisted in the hosting of several tournaments.

Manitoba Tenpin Federation
1984 – 97 – Director as MPWBA Rep
1993 – 97 – Bingo Coordinator, recruit & work bingos.
2011 – Present – Director as WTBA Rep.
2014 – Present – Assistant Bingo Coordinator, recruit & work bingos.

Tournaments & Officiating

– Scorekeeper for the 1999 Pan Am Games.

– Was Head-Scorekeeper at the 2014 YBC National Championship in Winnipeg. Prepared results for Bowl Canada website and distribution.

– Worked the Manitoba Open tournament for 30 years. Collecting the tournament entry, pot game and bracket money. Paying out the prize money, Preparing tournament lane rotation assignments for the second day. Eleanor and her late husband Eric were honoured at the 2011 Manitoba Open Tournament with a plaque for serving 25 years in the implementation of the tournament.

– Helped with running various tournaments for the Manitoba Classic Bowling Association. Processing entry forms, collecting fees and writing up score sheets for each bowler, preparing prize money and running the leader board for each tournament. Most of the time with help from her late husband Eric.

– The Hall Ross Doubles was a big job which included making sure that after each shift the bowlers went to the proper lanes and also bowled against the right opponent.

– Assisted in the hosting of the 2006 & 2012 Canadian Mixed Nationals in Manitoba, arranging accommodations for delegates, meeting rooms for the executive and the running of the tournament.


LaVerendyre III League (1983 – 85)

Chateau Gai Mixed League

1983-84 – High 3 game series of 645

Chateau Gai Mixed League (1984 – mid-90’s)

1985-86 – League high single – 257
– Ladies high triple with handicap – 682

1986-87 – Won the Championship
The team of Ron Smith, Ag Smith, Karol Routcliffe and Eleanor Young.

1991-92 – Won the Championship
– Won the Aggregate – Team High Hdcp Series

The team consisted of Shirley Brygman Jones, Bob Jones, Brenda, Saul Greenberg, Eric and Eleanor Young.

Chateau Nairn Ten Pin League (1966-Present)

2001-04 – Held the ladies high average for 3 consecutive years: 171.5 / 171.5 / 173.6
2005-06 – Won the Championship
– Won the Aggregate
The team name was Value-Plus and on the team were Mae Kapeluch, Elaine Yamron, Dave Faber and Eric and Eleanor.

Eleanor has bowled in this league for 48 years, since she first began bowling in 1966 to present.

1988 – Eleanor was selected as the 1988 Manitoba Tenpin Federation Volunteer of the Year and was nominated by MTF for consideration as the Manitoba Sports Federation Volunteer of the Year.

Represented Manitoba at the USBC Seniors tournament in Reno 5 times.

Career High Scores

Single – 274

High Average – 182

High Series – 679
Eleanor continues to serve on 3 association boards, a league executive, committees, tournaments and bingos.

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