Nate Lexier


Inducted 1990

It is doubtful if Winnipeg, or all of Canada, for that matter ever knew a greater Tenpin devotee than Nate Lexier. His career started at the age of 13 and lasted for over 50 years, ending in 1969.

During that period Nate became the finest bowler the City had produced. At his peak, Nate averaged 200 or better for seven consecutive seasons, his highest being 206 for 85 games in 1934-35. He rolled seven, 700 series; the highest a 771. He was a member of the Senior League Championship Team 8 times, one of which was the Turretts who set a team record in the 1930’s of 3,261.

But Nate was more than a great bowler. He was a devoted volunteer to the executive and promotional side of the sport of tenpin Bowling. He served on the Winnipeg Bowling Association for 14 years, including 11 seasons as President from 1942 – 53.

A long time Winnipeg Bowling Association colleague described Nate Lexier this way – “Nate had great understanding of value of the tenpin bowling. He could put a finger on any problem that came up and he never knew when to stop working.”

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