Orville Mayor



Individual Achievement

No man has dominated a sport in Dauphin as Orville Mayor has 10 pin bowling.
He’s rolled the top average in the Dauphin Men’s League for the past 20 years.He’s rolled the top average in the Dauphin Mixed League for the past 12 years.
This year, he rolled a 202 average in one league, the first time anybody in Dauphin has been over 200 for a season.Last year, he rolled the first 700 three-game series in Dauphin and repeated the feat again this season.Orville won the Dauphin City Singles Championship repeatedly for the past 20 years.
And the list could go on………..”

(The Dauphin Herald – May 17th, 1978)

Orville Mayor started bowling in 1957 and had to retire from bowling in 1993 for health reasons.

Orville attended the ABC Bowling Tournaments in St. Louis in 1958 and Toledo in 1960

Won his first High Average Awards in both the Dauphin Men’s and Mixed Leagues in 1959, with averages in the 180’s and continued to capture the high Averages in both of these Leagues repeatedly with averages ranging from 180-203.

1960-1966 – In the Men’s Classic (Six Game Scratch) League, Orville won the high average all 6 seasons.

1965-1991 – Orville maintained a high average in the 190’s  and still holds the house record for High Average with a score of 203 and the High Three Game Series of 747 in Dauphin.

Orville bowled four 700 series with a career high single of 289.

In 1979 received the ABC Merit Award for the 747 series for having the Association High Series under the Brandon Tenpin Bowling Association High Series as Dauphin was affiliated under them at the time.

Orville won countless high single and high three scores in all the leagues in which he competed.

Won Dauphin City Singles Championship 20 years in a  row and also bowled in serveral provincial singles over that period.

Represented Manitoba in Calgary at the 1975 Canadian Championship.

Parkway Lanes in Dauphin opened in 1963 and Orville was Manager of the centre from 1963-1967 before returning to the Provincial Government.  He was in charge of organizing all the leagues during that time frame.

Orville initiated the start of the Dauphin Open Tenpin Tournament and after leaving Parkway Lanes, still continued to work on the Tournament Committee until 1990.

Orville served as League Secretary of the Senior Men’s League from 1968 to 1990.  He was also President of Mixed Tenpin League for 10 years, in addition to another 6 years of service as League Secretary of the 6 game Classic League.

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