Ron Molinski



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 Bowled for 32 years.  Ron started bowling in 1978 because of his addiction to pin-ball. He used to go to Chateau Lanes’ gaming room and while there he noticed people having fun bowling.  Ron joined the 59er’s bowling league and is still bowling in the same league after 32 years.

 Volunteer Service


   Secretary / Treasurer               59er League                       14 Years      1982-1997

Secretary / Treasurer               Mixed 4’s                            6 Years        1993-1998

Secretary                                 Classic League                        3 Years        1994-1996

Secretary                                 Keystone Men’s                      2 Years        1990-1991

WBA  / WTBA Board

In 1994 Ron was approached to be on the Winnipeg Bowling Association as a Director.

  •      Board Member on WBA  / WTBA Board                  1995-Present
  •      Director                                                                                                     1995
  •    Recording Secretary                                                                      1996-2000
  •        Secretary / Treasurer                                                                    2000-2004
  •        Executive Director / Treasurer / Recording Secretary      2004-present

– Maintains and Distributes Tournament Averages for all Manitoban Bowlers  (9 Years)

– Responsible for distribution of all League Achievement Awards

– Attended most of ABC Conventions as WBA Executive Director   (4 Years)

Attended the last ABC AGM in 2003 in Knoxville

– Attended all CTF conventions.

– Lane Inspection coordinator 2000-(present)

– Played an integral role in the transition of local associations towards a Canadian Affiliation

– Oversaw all WTBA Tournaments

– Life Member WBA / WTBA


Manitoba Provincial Tenpin Bowling Association

Director for 4 years                                         1998-2001

Secretary / Treasurer for 2 years.                    2002-2003

     Manitoba Tenpin Federation

Director – 2004 till present.

Director CTF National

– Ron was part of the transformation from being an American Association to a Canadian membership body – The Canadian Tenpin Federation.
– In 2008, Ron was elected to the Canadian Tenpin Federation as a director and served for 1 ½ years.
– He was the Chair on the membership services, Hall of Fame and Bowler of the Year.
-Involved in preparing the CTF Life Membership Policy and re-vamping the Bowler of the Year point system.
– Currently, Ron has become the chair of the regulatory and fundraising committee.
-At CTF AGM’s he was a presenter at several workshops.
-Ron has not missed a CTF AGM since it’s formation in 2004.


When Ron’s two Daughters bowled in a junior league, he served as a coach for 3 years. 1986-1989.


In 2004 Ron was chosen as the Manitoba Tenpin Federation as their Volunteer of the Year and

also selected as the overall Provincial Volunteer of the Year by Sport Manitoba.  Ron was

formally recognized by the Manitoba Tenpin Federation on November 5, 2005 at the Annual

Awards Brunch. It was a great birthday gift!


ABC Tournaments

Reno, Nevada                         1998
Reno, Nevada                        2001
Knoxville, Tennessee              2003

     2006 Canadian Mixed Championships

1st     Singles
2nd     Mixed Doubles
(with Geri Wyrzykowski)
2nd     All-Events
6th     Mixed Teams

     Leagues Bowled

59er’s                                      1978-2010
Cercle “O”                              1980-1981
Chateau Men’s                        1982-1987
Golfer’s League                      1988-1991
Keystone Men’s                      1988-1993
Greater Winnipeg Classic       1992-1994 & 2004-2007
Sunday Nite Mixed                1993-1994
Chateau Mixed Fours             1993-2005

 One year Ron bowled in leagues everyday of the week.

 League Achievements

78-79      Aggregate Winners – 59ers

79-80      Champs                    – 59ers

81-82      Champs                    – 59ers

90-91      Champs                    – 59ers

95-96      Role-off Winners     – G.W.C.L.

 High Average  196       
High Game
High Series

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