Senior Provincial Team


 Maximum of 10 athletes @ the cost of lowest available airfare up to a maximum of $200.00 (CAD) each;
 Athletes will have their tournament registration fee paid, up to a maximum of $200.00 (CAD) each;
 If an athlete or manager chooses to drive to the event instead of flying, he/she will receive the equivalent of the lowest available airfare “to cover fuel and meals on the road expenses” up to maximum of $300.00.
 If both the men and women are competing at the same tournament site, then all the team manager’s air travel, administration, accommodation will be covered by MTF. (SUSPENDED)
 Meal expenses up to $25.00 (US) per day will be provided for one (1) Team Manager ($100.00 maximum). (SUSPENDED)
 An information sheet shall be distributed to all Team Members (see Appendix CB).
 Athletes will receive one (1) MTF Awards Banquet ticket for their personal use.


 Maximum of $60.00 per athlete (ie. $600.00)
 Maximum honorarium for one coach will be $200.00 (5 sessions of $40.00).

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