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Take a brief look into the traditions and rich heritage of Tenpin Bowling in Manitoba with our Hall of Fame Photo Gallery.

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ABC/WIBC Annual Mixed Tuornament
Reno, Nevado 1992
(L-R) Ken Chown, Carmen Chown, Yvonne Kuflowski & Ed Kuflowski

WIBC Annual Tournament
Reno, Nevada 1997
(L-R) Marge McAllister, Rosanna Rae, Cathy Adams, Carmen Chown & Yvonne Kuflowski

ABC Annual Tournament
Madison, Wisconsin 1969
(L-R) George Kucharski, Tony Kucharski, Hank Kucharski, Tom Grande & Bob Frazer

WIBC Championship
Bismark, North Dakota 1989
(l-R) Yvonne Kuflowski, Agnes Hodge, Edith Hayden, Linda Barclay & Carmen Chown

ABC Annual Tournament
Reno, Nevada 1995
(L-R) Lucien Casagrande, Lou Harries, Dan Hunter, Eric Young and Darren Lewis

Team Canada Contingent
1999 FIQ Tournament of the Americas
Fourth from Right: Lucien Casagrande, Coach
Fifth from Right: Rich Maytchak

Canadian German Society Bowling Centre, 1949

Winnipeg Sr. Tenpin at Stag at Saratoga Lanes, Dec. 1966
(L-R) Joe Wirvin and wife, Tony Kucharski and wife, Carl Zimmerman, Russ Johnstone, Mike Dercola and wife and Buddy Goodchild

1989 WIBC Annual Tournament
Bismarck – Mandan, ND
(L-R) Donna Wass and Jeanne Stear

WIBC Annual Tournament, 1990
(L-R) Jeanne Stear, Joan Craig, Susan Kuncewicz, Elaine Yamron and Joan Cymbalisty

1968 WIBC Annual TournamentSan Antonio, TX
(L-R) Bea Finney, Isabelle Galas, Irene Leonard, and Sylvia Tate.

Dick Marinelli Jr. presents the Dick Marinelli Sr. Memorial Tournament Trophy to Norm Heywood 1972 c.

Members of the WWBA Board celebrating their 15th Anniversary, 1963
(L-R) Anne Burke, Secretary Irene Leonard, Barbara Jacobson, President Connie Buchanan, Doris Kucharski and Lydia Faye.

Beat the Champ Winners, 1964
At All-Star Lanes, Barbara Jacobson and Ted Odaguchi defeated the AMF Pro Bowler Champs.

Team Champions – 1962 WBA Annual Tournament
Back Row: “Guess Who’s” team of the Winnipeg City Seniors Men’s League. (L-R) Tony Kucharski, Russ Johnstone, Joe Wirvin (Hall of Famer), Johnny Dyer, Mike Dercola and John Trager (Hall of Famer). Front Row: Black’s Team of St. Joseph’s League were “C” Division winners. (L-R) John Kodak, Phil Herland, Lawrence Wakaruk, John Trager Sr., (missing 0 Walter Dilay and Jack Land).

Mayor Steve Juba throws the first ball during the Opening Ceremonies of the 15th Annual WWBA Tournament at the “New” Blue Chateau Lanes as President Connie Buchanan looks on (left standing), 1963.

May 20, 1954 – John Dyer, Carl Zimmerman, Johnny Waks, Pete Kisil, Jim Reed, Mike Dercola, Jack Jones.

1958 ABC Annual Tournament
Syracuse, New York
(L-R) Dave Stear, Cy Whittington, Johnny Dyer, Bud Goodchild, Joe Wirvin, Rube Ramge.

Bowlarena Ladies League, Early 1950’s at Bowlarena Alleys Bowling Hall of Famer Jeanne Stear is in the front row, 3rd from left

Senior Mixed League, early 1950’s
at Bowlarena Alleys

Recreation League c. 1940’s

Bowling Lanes in the Sacred Heart Church
Youth Club Activity Room 1940 c.
(80 Lydia and Bannatyne)
Back Row: (L-R) Cy Whittington, Avin MacDonald, Dan Botterill, Dave Lawson
Front Row: (L-R) Eric Burgess and Wally A. McLaren

Cercle Ouvrier Bowling Centre 1945 c.

D’Eschambault team of the St. Boniface Cercle Ouvrier 10 Pin League, 1947.
(L-R) C. Kozak, R. Couture, J. Hinkle, Dr. L’Heureux, Del Phaneuf, P. Ste. Onge.

1950 ABC Annual Tournament
Columbus, Ohio
(L-R) Jack Shore, Al Boes, Joe Wirvin, Les Gibson, Del Phaneuf.

1960 ABC Tournament
Toledo, Ohio.
Pictured(L-R): Rollie Gosselin, Bill Burke, Dan Kapeluch, Cliff Anderson, Gerry Ostry, and Norm Heywood.

1989 WIBC Championships
Bismarck, North Dakota.
Pictured(L-R): Pat Kelly, Brenda Greenberg, Shirley Brygman Jones, Eleanor Young, and Karen Hatch.

Cercle Ouvrier League, 1947.

1953 ABC Tournament
Chicago, Illinois.
Pictured(L-R): Johnny Bonk, Rube Ramge, Paul Mousseau, Pekoe Daptil, Cy Whittington, and Dave Stear.

1950 ABC Tournament
Columbus, Ohio.
Pictured(L-R): Jack Shore, Al Boes, Joe Wirvin, Les Gibson, and Del Phaneuf.

Earl Storye

Pictured(L-R): Jack Schminowsky, George McNally, and Paul Mousseau.

1966 WIBC Championships
New Orleans, Louisiana. Pictured(L-R): Bea Finney, Connie Buchanan, Irene Leonard, Ema Plishky, and Rose Booth.

1965 ABC Tournament
St. Paul, Minnesota.
Pictured(L-R): Rolly Senez, Wilbur Van Walleghem, Paul Mousseau, John Pelletier, Maurice VanWalleghem, and Jimmy Senez.

Strand Bowling Alley, 1920.
328 Garry Street
(Burnt down February 22, 1965).

Bowling Hall of Fame Members
Paul Yashimasu and Norm Heywood

T.J. Kernahan
President of the
Winnipeg Bowling Association

Cercle Ouvrier League Windup

First Cercle Ouvrier
League Winners 1939-40 Pictured(L-R): W. Cadoreth, A. Baril, J. Senez, R. Roy, N. Senez, and C. Chouinard

Bowling Hall of Famers Joe Wirvin (Left) and John Trager discussing lane specifications
Sept. 1963

1951 ABC Tournament
St. Paul, Minnesota
Pictured(L-R): Mike Dercola, Dick Woodard, Ed Sobie (Hall of Famer), John Waks, Jack Jones, and Johnny Dyer

Bowl-Arena Mixed League, 1955
Proprietor Dave Shuckett can be seen in the glasses in the background (top right corner).

Ed Sobie
One of Winnipeg’s Top Bowlers from 1930 to 1950.

Canada Dry Ginger Ale Team
Winners of the City Tenpin Championship Hiram Walker Trophy 1946-47 Back Row (L-R): F. Cancilla, Dick Woodard, Johnny Dyer, Hugh Morrison. Front Row (L-R): Mike Dercola (Captain), Pete Dercola.

1966 WIBC Championships
New Orleans, Louisiana
Pictured (L-R): Dorthy Bass, Jeanne Stear, __, __ & Janet Ranick

League of Nations, 1981
Pictured (Back L-R):Lorne Judd, Percy Bowden, Bill Elvers. Front (L-R): Dave McCutchen, Ozzie Pullaw.

1974 WBA Trophy House Champs
Pictured (L-R): Alex Bomba, Alan Boes (Presenting), Frank Daulby, Ron Adam, and George Sante.

1958c. Senior Mixed League
Several Winnipeg Women’s Bowling Association Board members were in this league: Connie Buchanan, Jeanne Stear, Rose Booth, Irene Leonard; in addition to Bea Finney, Isabelle “Diz” Galas and Wilbur Van Wallengham (front row 3rd from right) also competed in this league.

July 16, 1988
Seventeen year old Terri Elko represents Canada in the World Bowling Organization’s Western Hemisphere Tenpin Championships in Puerto Rico.

Brandon Tournament of Nations, 1969
Back (L-R) Mark Turoldo, Mike Scinocca, Tony Dercola
Front (L-R) Mike Dercola, Peter Scinocca

June 1963
Back L-R Gordon Reed, Cliff Anderson, Russ Johnstone, Astor Johnstone
Front L-R Peter Scinocca, Mike Dercola, Tony Dercola, Buddy Dialbaldo.

1950-51c. Cercle Ouvrier League Award Winners
(Back L-R) Dr. L’Heureux, Paul Mousseau, Len Baker, Raymond Roy
(Front L-R) Del Phaneuf, Jack Schimnowski, ___ , Paul Ste. Onge

1951 c. Consolidated Motors “Two Man Tenpin Bowling Championship” Winners
Dave Stear (right) was one of the winners with Dr. L-Heureux (middle – either presenting or sharing the award). The trophy was donated to Stag Lanes by George Roblin on Dec. 5, 1934

Westward Bound 1970c.
(L-R) Mike Scinocca, Jeanne Stear, and Paul Yashimasu were Manitoba Qualifiers for the Canadian Championships

1950-51 Season Bowl-Arena Lanes
Ladies League Team: Isabelle “Diz” Galas (back row-left) and Jeanne Stear (front row-right)

Ladies Team at 1964 WIBC Annual Tournament in Minneapolis
(L-R) Rose Booth, Irene Leonard, Connie Buchanan, Joyce Rosnik, Bea Finney

1978 WIBC Annual Tournament, Miami, Florida
(L-R) Anne Scott, Doris Kucharski, Jeanne Stear, Ollie Kucharski, Evelyn Kucharski

May 10, 1953 “Strike it Rich” Tournament at Bowl Arena Lanes
(L-R) Jeanne Stear, Bea Finney, and Ed Sobie are shown with the rest of the competitors in this handicap tournament. Jeanne won the event and claimed the $1000.00 cash prize.

Winnipeg Bowling Association 1936 Annual Tournament (At Stag Alleys)
(Left) George McNally – Sec. WBA
(Right) George Bradley – President WBA

Central Billiard & Bowling Parlors (1919)
612 Main Street at Logan Ave.

1963 WWBA 15th Anniversary
(L-R) Allan Boes (WBA Sec), Irene Lonard (WWBA Sec), Mayor Steven Juba, Connie Buchanan (WWBA Pres), Joe Wirvin (WBA Pres)
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